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Automotive Fuel Systems Service in Springfield, Tennessee

Fuel delivery is an important aspect of your vehicle and the systems it encompasses so maintaining those systems is integral to making your vehicle last longer. At Brant Jones Auto & Towing, our professional mechanics possess the equipment and ability necessary to care for the fuel systems in modern vehicles, regardless of their complexity. 

The days of a single mechanical fuel pump attached to a fuel line are long gone; the last few decades have witnessed huge advancements in fuel delivery systems. Computers, sensors, high-pressure electric pumps, fuel injectors, complex fuel lines, electronic injection, and more now dominate the vehicular world. That’s why it’s important nowadays to have qualified and experienced mechanics who know what they’re doing inspect and perform maintenance on your car, truck, or SUV’s fuel systems. Whenever these systems need repair, or if you just want something looked at for peace of mind, trust the team of expert technicians at Brant Jones Auto & Towing to get the job done right.

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We also understand the importance of fuel system service and maintenance. Special chemical treatments and procedures are available to keep your complicated fuel system clean and trouble-free. Have your fuel system treated regularly to avoid inconvenient fuel system issues altogether and keep your car, truck, or SUV running very smoothly. While there is an ideal period to replace your engine’s fuel filters, it’s often the case that meeting that ideal isn’t possible due to factors like time constraints. The period can also vary depending on the make and model of engine your car, truck, or SUV uses and the fuel quality the filter is dealing with. That’s why the intervals to replace the fuel filters can range from 20,000 miles up to 150,000 miles in some cases. In that case, it’s incredibly important to ensure you know what’s right for your vehicle to maintain reliability and longevity.

Before any service, we’ll consult with you and give our honest assessment. From there, we’ll work to give you the best recommendations that suit the nature of your vehicle and your circumstances. Whether you have an issue that needs attention, or you simply want to keep your vehicle in shape, visit Brant Jones Auto & Towing located in Springfield, Tennessee, and let us show you what we can do!

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Customer Reviews

Jeff Patterson

Had brakes repaired on my 2012 Expedition. Completely satisfied. Owner is honest and makes a great effort to see that each repair is to done correctly and that the customer is satisfied. Brant Jones has been my mechanic for 18 years. An honest and helpful mechanic is a good find. Any one star reviews are most likely written by someone who cannot be pleased or by a competing auto repair shop.

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Kaitlyn Allen

Absolutely fantastic! I work for a roadside assistance company and I called then to help us with a tow the other night, Blue was amazing. He got there quickly and was super pleasant on the phone. If I can even get more business their way they will get it every time. #teamblue

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David DiNanno

They did a quality repair job on rusted brake lines on my truck. Brakes work much better now. Fast service. Very reasonable pricing. I plan on going back for anymore service needed for my truck or car.

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Thomas Gaia

Professional, fast service, high quality results... Everything I had been looking for in a local mechanic. Extremely pleased and you will be too.

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Leah Bell

Came in (mid crisis) after 9 other places said no..they got my baby fixed right up and didn't take a bite out of my budget! I will be back when she needs some TLC

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John Bandalan

Lou was friendly and informative when he towed my vehicle. The repairs done to my vehicle were fast and inexpensive and the women at the front desk was great. Cannot recommend these people enough.

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