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About Our Truck Coolant System Repair Services

Average Price Range for Coolant System Repair Service:

Just like any other part of your diesel truck, performing proper maintenance on your vehicle’s coolant system ends up saving you loads of money in the long run. Visit Brant Jones today to ensure your coolant is running right.

Do I Need a Coolant Flush Every Time?

No — it's definitely not necessary to flush your coolant with every change. Some shops might recommend it but a regular drain-and-fill will work fine. Flushing your coolant every time is a waste of our time and your money.

That said, we do recommend following your owner's manual. If it gives a timeframe for a full flush, keep to those guidelines. The manual knows what it’s talking about. The manual can also help you understand your coolant system better, such as if there are any quirks or particulars in the coolant system of your truck’s specific make and model.

Or if you've got an older truck, a full flush will help to keep debris out and prevent rust and corrosion from forming where they shouldn’t. It can also give us a chance to test how the older vehicle’s coolant system is performing, which lets our team assess whether everything’s working fine or requires a more in-depth inspection.

Tips For When It’s Time To Flush Your Coolant

Like all regular maintenance, neglect will result in the eventual deterioration of your coolant system, which among other things will end up causing poor performance. Stick to your regularly scheduled maintenance and you won't have to worry about looking out for problems. But — if it's been a while and you've been neglecting your truck, the following issues might mean you need a flush:

  • An overheating engine
  • You notice coolant leaking in your driveway
  • You can smell sweetness inside the vehicle
  • Your heater isn't working very well

When Should I Flush or Change The Coolant?

If your truck is brand new, you'll definitely want to bring it in around the 50,000-mile mark. After that, coolant flushes should be done once every 18,000 miles — which is to say every few years depending on your driving and the conditions you typically operate in. If you want a good basis to start from, stick to your manual's guidelines. This can help give you a rough idea which you can form a more personalized schedule around.

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5 stars

Jeff Patterson

Had brakes repaired on my 2012 Expedition. Completely satisfied. Owner is honest and makes a great effort to see that each repair is to done correctly and that the customer is satisfied. Brant Jones has been my mechanic for 18 years. An honest and helpful mechanic is a good find. Any one star reviews are most likely written by someone who cannot be pleased or by a competing auto repair shop.

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5 stars

Kaitlyn Allen

Absolutely fantastic! I work for a roadside assistance company and I called then to help us with a tow the other night, Blue was amazing. He got there quickly and was super pleasant on the phone. If I can even get more business their way they will get it every time. #teamblue

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5 stars

David DiNanno

They did a quality repair job on rusted brake lines on my truck. Brakes work much better now. Fast service. Very reasonable pricing. I plan on going back for anymore service needed for my truck or car.

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5 stars

Thomas Gaia

Professional, fast service, high quality results... Everything I had been looking for in a local mechanic. Extremely pleased and you will be too.

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5 stars

Leah Bell

Came in (mid crisis) after 9 other places said no..they got my baby fixed right up and didn't take a bite out of my budget! I will be back when she needs some TLC

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5 stars

John Bandalan

Lou was friendly and informative when he towed my vehicle. The repairs done to my vehicle were fast and inexpensive and the women at the front desk was great. Cannot recommend these people enough.

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