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Your truck’s EGR system and DPF are able to reduce the emissions of your diesel engine, helping the environment by reducing the amount of pollution the exhaust puts out. But all this contamination can eventually clog both the EGR system and the DPF. Come into Brant Jones and we’ll get things cleared up.

What Is An EGR System In a Diesel Truck?

Your truck's EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system does exactly that — it recycles your fuel exhaust back through the engine, lowering the temperature of the combustion chamber. This helps it accomplish its goal of reducing NOx emissions. Virtually all of today’s modern engines possess an EGR system. 

While they can lead to worse performance and shorter engine lifespans thanks to higher rates of carbon build-up and lubrication fluid degradation, they’re something of a necessary evil to combat pollution and protect the environment. These trade-offs are why it’s so important to keep on top of EGR system maintenance and inspection so you can get the most out of both the system and your engine.

How Do I Know If My EGR System Is Faulty, What Causes It, and How Can I Fix It?

Within the EGR system, the primary problem spot will be the EGR valve. This is what allows exhaust gases to cycle properly and reduce emissions. Naturally, this means that the valve is also the primary center point when things go wrong with the system. Over time, this valve can become jammed in either the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ positions thanks to a build-up and solidifying of soot and particulates from the exhaust. This is especially common if you’re using your truck for short hops, as the engine doesn't have enough time to reach optimum temperatures.

You’ll know that there’s a problem with your EGR valve through a variety of signs. These can include the rough idling of your engine, your truck’s poor performance, increased fuel drain, and frequent idling. Your truck’s dashboard will also light up with an engine management warning, although this may not always occur as the valve can start to degrade before the sensors tied to the warning pick it up.

Thankfully, repairing the EGR system valve is an easy fix. If you’re in the Springfield, Tennessee area then come into Brant Jones Auto & Towing and we’ll get you sorted. We’ll use the latest diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose the issues and can treat the problem quickly so you can get back out on the road.

What Is a DPF In Diesel Trucks?

The DPF (diesel particulate filter) treats your truck's exhaust by trapping particulate matter (which is just a fancy word for soot and ash). It looks like a honeycomb and it's made out of ceramic material.

The DPF has a 3-step process: it captures soot, stores it, then burns it off once the build-up gets far enough. Like the EGR system, its purpose is to help reduce emissions and catch all the soot and particulates within the black smoke you typically see when you gun it. The filter’s burn-off can occur when you least expect it and can leave you on the side of the road for hours while the process goes through the motions. Not only that, the resulting by-products are still there and contribute their own problems if left long enough.

How Do I Know If My DPF Is Blocked, What Causes It, and How Can I Fix It?

Well, one of the most visible signs of a DPF blockage is excessive exhaust fumes coming from your engine. You’ll also feel the blockage through your truck’s poor performance alongside power loss and poor throttle. Other signs include reduced fuel economy and a pungent smell emanating from the engine.

Diesel trucks and their emissions control systems are designed for heavy towing at long distances. So, if you're using your diesel truck as a grocery-getter, you'll likely run into DPF problems thanks to the engine not having time to reach its optimal operating temperatures. A blocked DPF can also be caused by excess residue in the EGR system, sensor failure, faulty fuel injectors, or poor-quality fuel.

If you find your truck suffering from a DPF blockage and find yourself in the vicinity of Springfield, Tennessee, then Brant Jones Auto & Towing is here to help. We can force your DPF to regenerate, which will remove the soot deposits from the filter and the exhaust system. Brant Jones will also perform a complete cleaning of the DPF, flushing it fully to remove up to 98% of particulate build-up so you don’t have to worry about being caught out in a DPF regeneration cycle while on the road.

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Jeff Patterson

Had brakes repaired on my 2012 Expedition. Completely satisfied. Owner is honest and makes a great effort to see that each repair is to done correctly and that the customer is satisfied. Brant Jones has been my mechanic for 18 years. An honest and helpful mechanic is a good find. Any one star reviews are most likely written by someone who cannot be pleased or by a competing auto repair shop.

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Absolutely fantastic! I work for a roadside assistance company and I called then to help us with a tow the other night, Blue was amazing. He got there quickly and was super pleasant on the phone. If I can even get more business their way they will get it every time. #teamblue

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They did a quality repair job on rusted brake lines on my truck. Brakes work much better now. Fast service. Very reasonable pricing. I plan on going back for anymore service needed for my truck or car.

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Professional, fast service, high quality results... Everything I had been looking for in a local mechanic. Extremely pleased and you will be too.

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Came in (mid crisis) after 9 other places said no..they got my baby fixed right up and didn't take a bite out of my budget! I will be back when she needs some TLC

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Lou was friendly and informative when he towed my vehicle. The repairs done to my vehicle were fast and inexpensive and the women at the front desk was great. Cannot recommend these people enough.

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