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5 Indicators Your Pick-Up Truck Needs Immediate Transmission Repair

Written by the Brant Jones Team

All of us have been there. You are forced to pull over to the side of the road when your pick-up truck makes strange sounds on the motorway, the check engine light comes on, and the pick-up truck loses power. There is no such thing as a pick-up truck impervious to failures. Still, regular maintenance and knowing the early indicators of serious issues may help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on repairs. Here are 5 signs that indicate your pick-up truck needs immediate transmission repair. 

1. Transmission Shifts Roughly 

Make an appointment as soon as possible if your transmission makes strange noises or has problems shifting through gears. Leaving this issue unresolved for a prolonged period of time can lead to a wide array of cascading problems that will cost you more and more money. Fortunately, by getting your transmission repaired before the issue gets worse, you’re bound to save a lot of money in the long run. 

2. Your Transmission Fluid is Leaking

Regularly looking underneath your parked pick-up truck is a wise habit. Even though a little leak may not cause a problem immediately, it is essential to have your pick-up truck or truck repaired immediately.

Transmission fluid leaks are a very obvious warning. You have a transmission leak if you discover reddish-tinted or darker fluid near where you parked your truck. Find the leak as soon as possible, for transmission leaks may be as simple as a worn drain plug gasket. Unfortunately, leaks that are left unchecked may end up damaging your entire transmission! 

3. You Slip Through Gears

If your pick-up truck feels like it is losing power or shifting when it shouldn't, your transmission may be slipping. In manual gearboxes, slipping is often brought on by a failing clutch; however, automated transmissions may experience slipping for several other causes. A slipping transmission isn't usually a symptom of impending total failure, but it is still hazardous and should certainly be checked out immediately.

When your gearbox shifts into other ratios while you're driving, your handling may be compromised. Driving while your gearbox is slipping is risky, so park your vehicle gently and contact a tow truck. High revving noises when changing ratios, sharp reactions when changing gears, and delays in gear changes are all symptoms of a slipping gearbox. 

4. You Experience a Delay When Shifting Gears 

Even though manual transmissions won't experience this, malfunctioning automated transmissions often do. This will be especially obvious when moving from park to reverse or drive. Additionally, it is audible when shifting gears while driving. Even a little shift delay may result in severe transmission issues. Thus this should be investigated at the first indication of a delay.

5. Transmission Indicator Light Appears

Although this may seem apparent, you'd be surprised how many individuals disregard it. It's essential to always get your pick-up truck diagnosed by an expert if it's showing any kind of warning light or notice. This might be a minor issue, like a faulty sensor, or it could signify a bigger problem on the horizon. In any case, you should enter when a caution light illuminates!

Final Thoughts

Although we didn't go over every single warning sign, we did go over the most frequent ones. Many of these symptoms may be treated with a simple fluid change or service if they are identified early. Serious issues arise when these warning flags are disregarded, turning a transmission service into a rebuild or replacement. 

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