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Best Practices For Pickup Truck Brake Repair And Maintenance

Written by the Brant Jones Team

When it comes to keeping your pickup truck in great condition, it’s important to consider all of the crucial elements that make it function properly. With safety being a particularly important element, you have to ensure your brakes are part of your regular maintenance plan. The brakes on your pickup truck play a critical role when assuring the safety of the driver, as they allow you to come to a stop when you need to. This post explores the best practices you should implement when it comes to not only the repair but also the maintenance of your pickup truck’s brakes. 

Don’t Overlook The Role Of Servicing

Regularly sending your pickup truck in for maintenance is important and several elements need to be taken into consideration during the servicing process. One thing that you should never overlook is to have the brakes on your pickup truck inspected. Even if you’ve recently had them replaced or repaired, you should still ask the repair shop that you work with to check the brakes thoroughly. 

It’s also important to note that brakes do need services. Some people may prefer to have their brakes serviced twice a year, even though they take their pickup truck in for a full service only once every 12 months. Remember that brakes provide a function that could end up saving your life, and when they fail, accidents can happen. 

When an experienced expert in the trucking industry inspects your brakes, they can advise you of any problems that they find within this system. In turn, you can have small problems fixed, which could later on become more serious issues while you are driving your pickup truck. 

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Brakes Functional

While regularly taking your truck in for an inspection is important, there are also a few things you can do from your side. If you do not know to perform these tasks yourself, get a diesel specialist at a trusted repair shop to help you out. Each of the steps that we are going to assess in this section has a role to play in keeping your brakes effective. 

Brake Line Bleeding

Scheduling a brake line bleed is particularly important. As you use the brakes and drive the pickup truck, air can sometimes get trapped in the brake line. When this happens, the air can seriously affect how well your brake system performs. It could make your brakes less effective in cases where you heavily rely on them to get the pickup truck to stop. It’s generally advised to get bleeding done on your brake lines about once every two years. Take notes of when you get this task done, and then make sure you do not wait too long for the next bleeding session. 

Brake Fluid Flushing

Another thing that needs to happen regularly is to flush and replace the brake fluids that are added to this system. When you decide to push on the brake pedal, brake fluids tend to play a major role in how effectively your truck will come to a halt or slow down. Moisture can start to accumulate in your pickup truck and contaminate the brake fluid that this particular system relies on. This causes the boiling point of the brake fluid to decline and can also promote rusting in the transmission system. When this type of rusting develops, it can have a negative impact on your wheel cylinders, as well as the master in the transmission. When the brake fluid has a cloudy appearance, then it’s important to take your pickup truck to have the fluids flushed. 

Brake Pad Replacements

You should also keep note of the fact that your brake pads wear down with consistent use. If you do not attend to this particular factor, then the padding on the pads will eventually no longer be there. This causes metal to rub on metal when you step on the brake pedal and could also make the brake system less effective. Regularly checking on the brake pads is important, especially if you hear strange noises whenever you step on the brakes. This is especially important if your truck does not have a sensor that can tell you when you need to replace the brake pads. When one brake pad is worn out, make sure you consider the other ones too, and get them replaced if necessary. 

Maintenance On Bearings

The brake pads play an important role in your truck’s ability to stop quickly, but so do the bearings. Over time, the bearings can also wear out and even suffer damage. When problems occur with the bearings, it could have several effects on the truck, including the braking distance. When the braking distance of your truck is too long, it significantly increases the chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving on the road. Additionally, when you identify problems with the bearings early on, you could save yourself from more severe expenses later on. If your steering wheel feels wobbly or you hear grinding sounds from your truck, then you should consider getting the bearings checked by a professional. 

Understand The Signs Of Problems With The Brake System

If your pickup truck’s brake system is experiencing troubles, there are often some signs that you may notice. It’s important to ensure you regularly look out for these signs and take them as a warning sign. Failure to attend to these signs early on could become costly over time. 

Strange noises from your truck should always be considered warning signs, as well as unexpected vibrations. If your brake pedal feels too low or difficult to push down, then you should also have this checked. Take note of any lights that are illuminated on your dashboard and consider what they mean as well. 


You realize how important proper brakes in your pickup truck are, so it’s important to ensure you have them regularly checked. Brant Jones is highly experienced in working with different types of pickup trucks. We have the expertise, equipment, and staff needed to ensure your brakes will never fail. Contact us or visit our local workshop to get your brakes inspected and repaired. 


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