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Is it Okay to Switch Between Oil Types or Grades?

Written by the Brant Jones Team
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These days, it seems like the oil options for your oil changes are limitless - full synthetic, blends, conventional, high mileage, and the list goes on and on. We are frequently asked if it's okay to switch between oils, and how you know what is okay to use? At Brant Jones Auto & Towing in Springfield, TN we're here to help you answer that question. When it comes to engine oil, the answer to this question can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be!

Is it Okay to Run Different Types of Oil? - While consistency is always a good thing, it is perfectly okay to run different types of oil, as long as it’s the correct type for your car. The brand name is a matter of preference, but it’s good to stick with a high-quality name. If you want to go from Pennzoil to Valvoline, go right ahead. Mixing what’s left of the old with the new won’t have any negative effects. When your car begins to rack up some mileage, switching to a high mileage oil has some added benefit. However, you still want to stick to your factory recommended oil, which we’ll take a look at next.

Is it Okay to Switch Between Conventional, Synthetic, and Blends? - Running conventional oil then switching to synthetic, or vice versa, won’t hurt anything. That is, as long as your car, truck, or SUV is built to run conventional or synthetic. Synthetic oil is expensive, and as a result, people are often tempted to change to much cheaper conventional oils. Beware the 20 dollar oil change - while it may seem enticing, it could end up costing you in the long run. Tight tolerances, small oil passageways, and the addition of roller bearings inside of modern engines make synthetic a necessity, not a luxury, in many cases. In some cases your manufacturer may state that you can run either a blend or a full synthetic, many people will do a blend or synthetic every other oil change. It saves some money but isn’t likely to harm the vehicle. The most important thing is to follow the oil type that your manufacturer recommends. 

Is it Okay to Use Different Oil Weights? - Being able to use different oil weights really depends on your engine and the conditions. Climate and engine design are two of the most common determining factors in whether or not you can use different oil weights. It is fine to switch between different oil weights, in fact, some people change the weight of oil they use in the summer and winter. It is essential that you stay within the factory recommended specifications in your owner's manual, and heed the advice of professional technicians. On engines that rely heavily on oil pressure to operate variable valve timing systems, active fuel management systems, or with very tight tolerances, using the correct oil weight is a necessity for those functions and designs to operate correctly.

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